About Dope Junkyard

What is Dope Junkyard?

Dope Junkyard is a place to be YOU! This is a marketplace for creators! Buy, sell, communicate with others, have fun, and grow your business here if you desire! We make it easy. Sign up is FREE!

Buying Information

Signing up for a buyer's account

If you want to shop and purchase items on Dope Junkyard, simply sign up today by clicking the “Register" option in the top right corner.

Vendor & Seller Information

Why should I sell on DopeJunkyard.com?

There are many reasons to sell on DopeJunkyard.com —from the hundreds of customers who can see your products to the ability to start selling fast without the need to create a new standalone website. At Dope Junkyard we truly value the vendor and give access to vast tools to enhance sells. On top of focusing on the vendor just as much as the consumer, we only take a $2 transaction fee for each item no matter the price listed! Isn’t that awesome. Each vendor is responsible for their own sales taxes.

How do I open a new seller account?

You can register today for the selling account of your choice, without the need to contact a sales person by clicking on the sign-up buttons on this page.

1.) Before you begin the self-service registration process, be sure to have the following information available.

  • Your business name, address, and contact information
  • An internationally-chargeable credit card with valid billing address
  • A phone number where you can be reached during this registration process
  • Your tax identity information
2.) Sign up by click the Register link either at the top corner or bottom of the website
3.) Your account approval may take up to 2-3 business days, upon approval you will be able to login and access your web page.
4.) Before you are able to sell any items you will be required to go through our partners at Stripe.com to set up your preferred method of receiving payments.
5.) After approval it is time to for you to go have fun! Make sure you customize your page and list your items!

What items are sold on DopeJunkyard.com?

Creations, gadgets, electronics, décor, apparel, artwork, music, and more!

Does Dope Junkyard take a transaction fee for each item sold?

Dope Junkyard has one of the best transaction rates in the industry. No matter the purchase price, Dope Junkyard only takes $2 per sale! We want our vendors to succeed!

If I sell items on Dope Junkyard, will I be responsible for sales tax?

The only transaction fee Dope Junkyard will charge independent of the vendors chosen sales tax is a $2 transaction fee.

All sellers/vendors are required to monitor their own sales taxes. Sellers , vendors, and businesses are responsible for proper licensing and filing of their sales tax reports per state. Dope Junkyard will not be held liable for any financial or legal obligations involving taxation. Sellers and vendors must add and calculate sales tax for each item. 

What type of products cannot be listed on DopeJunkyard.com?

Some products may not be listed as a matter of compliance with legal or regulatory restrictions (for example, prescription drugs) or our policy (for example, crime scene photos). Illegal and/or inhumane services are prohibited from being marketed or sold on the website. If the product or service is illegal in any of the 50 states than Dope Junkyard reserves the right restrict account and take possible legal action.

Can I list my products in all categories?

Prior approval may be required to list certain products in certain categories.

How can I close my Dope Junkyard seller account?

Visit the support tab at the bottom of the screen or log into account settings.

Do DopeJunkyard.com sellers make money?

While Dope Junkyard can be a very profitable platform vendors/sellers, we cannot guarantee any forms of payment.

Listing items

What should I do if I can't find what I want to sell in your catalog?

Use the Add a Product tool to create a new detail page for the item.

How do I cancel a listing?

To cancel a listing through your Seller Account, go to the products section. Find the listing you want to close, delete the product, and then click “Save Changes."

Managing orders

How will I know when I have a sale?

When a sale is completed, we will post the order details, including the buyer’s shipping address, in the Manage Orders section of your Seller Account. We will also send you an e-mail message with the item name and order number. Because e-mail is not always reliable, we strongly recommend that you check your online account daily. Buyer shipping addresses are only available through your Seller Account.

What if the buyer is unable to receive the order at the provided address?

Buyer is responsible for updating correct address previous to purchase; depending on vendor’s terms a refund may be possible

Returns & refunds

What is the return policy?

Each vendor will have their own return policy listed on account.

What if a buyer wants to return something after 30 days?

Dependent on return policy of vendor.

How do I issue a refund?

Vendor must go through stripe platform and issue the refund if refund eligibility is listed on seller account.

Payments & Pricing

How much does it cost to sell on DopeJunkyard.com?

Each item is unique; therefore prices can have any range.

How do I enter checking account information to receive payments?

Firstly, you will have to create a stripe account for your business. After you have activated your account, In your Settings section, click the stripe connect link. Then connect yourstripe account and money will be transferred there.

When will I receive payment?

As soon as your order is processed via your manage order tab, your payment will be there within 24 hours. Once payment is in stripe account, you will be responsible for transferring money out into a bank account and etc

Customer feedback

If I don't like the feedback buyers give me, will you change it?

To handle any questionable feedback from customers, please visit the support page.

Additional Support

Contact Support

For any additional questions or concerns please visit the “support" page at the bottom of the screen in order to contact our office.